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Subsurface Exploration Experience

Geologists need to develop an understanding of the geology of the Earth from the surface down to explore, understand, and develop natural resources, such as groundwater, oil & gas, and precious minerals.

Geological mapping is the first step to any geological study. The key to successful geologic mapping is accurate identification of geologic features and rock types, geospatial documentation of data, and projection of surface geology features into the subsurface.

Exploration well drilling provides access to the subsurface geology through borehole cuttings and coring samples, geophysical logging, and physical testing within the borehole. Wells provide a means to access and extract natural resources, such as groundwater, oil, and gas.

Exploration geophysical surveys give a geologist an image of the subsurface geology when drilling is not possible, and is a key part of Hydrodynamics’ exploration geology services. Advanced geophysical data modeling programs are used to analyze and present subsurface data in a form that supports our clients’ geological data needs. Our goal is to build the most accurate picture of the underground geological structure and to find valuable resources.

The use of these subsurface exploration tools allows Hydrodynamics to develop 3-D geological framework models necessary for the analysis and development of groundwater resources, CAES, natural gas, hydrogen, and nuclear waste storage projects.

The geologists of Hydrodynamics combine state of the art technologies with decades of experience in exploring and developing natural resources in the Earth.



Key Hydrodynamics Geological Mapping Studies

  • Sponsored U.S.G.S. mapping of seven Geological Quadrangles in Southern Funeral Mt. Range
  • Gold Valley, Death Valley National Park
  • Ash Meadows National Wildlife Reserve, NV
  • Devil's Hole, Amargosa Valley, NV
  • Bennet Hill Spring, Red Boiling Spring, TN
  • Winnemucca Spring, Reno Valley Area, NV

Hydrodynamics Drilling Service

  • Well Design
  • Borehole Cutting & Core Geological Sampling & Logging
  • Borehole Geophysical Log Specification & Interpretation
  • Client Drilling Contract Support
  • Well Site Drilling Supervision
  • Hydraulic Well Testing
  • Subsurface Fluid Sampling & Chemical Analysis
  • Well Site Safely Management

Hydrodynamics routinely conducts:

  • Seismic Refraction
  • Seismic Reflection
  • Resistivity Surveys
  • Gravity Surveys
  • Time Domain Electromagnetic Induction Surveys