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Hydrogeology Studies

Water is a limiting growth factor for many communities and land developments, and groundwater is an important resource. Hydrogeology is the study of the movement and distribution of groundwater in the Earth's crust. The study of the interaction between groundwater movement and geology can be quite complex and requires specialized expertise.


Hydrodynamics understands this complexity, and has the diverse technical expertise and years of experience needed to characterize, develop, and protect groundwater resources. The cornerstone of our technical leadership is our experience in finding and developing new groundwater sources. Hydrodynamics has become a technical leader in the spring water industry, having tackled some of the unique challenges regarding compliance with FDA spring water regulations. By working with spring owners and regulatory agencies, Hydrodynamics developed a unified approach to FDA certification of spring bottle water resources.


WC&P Publication

Hydrodynamics has performed over 20 groundwater resource basin studies. We have developed numerical groundwater models for nuclear waste transport, and for inter-basin groundwater resource analysis. We developed 10 natural springs as sources of bottled water and completed over 500 water supply wells.


Death Valley National Park Nevares Spring Water Supply Well

Hydrodynamics drilled a water well adjacent to the protected Nevares Spring mound to provide a water supply for the Cow Creek community. It is an artesian well that flows freely to the water supply system. This well provided a sustainable water supply, allowed for the restoration of the Nevares Spring’s natural surface water flow, and restored the natural habitat at the spring mound.

Dobbas Spring Development- Lake Tahoe, California

Hydrodynamics located and developed the Dobbas Spring to provide a bottle water supply to Hinckley Spring Water Co.  The project required the design and construction of a spring water collection vault. Spring discharges rates were monitored as part of the environmentally permitting process for this spring sources.

Hydrogeology Services

  • Site Characterization
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Water Supply Analysis
  • Water Resource Analysis
  • Well Drilling Technology
  • Groundwater Modeling