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Dr. John Bredehoeft

Dr. John Bredehoeft, with Michael King, formed The Hydrodynamics Group, LLC in 1997 with the vision that a team of nationally recognized experts in hydrogeology, geology, and geological engineering could provide principal-level consulting expertise for a wide spectrum of groundwater resource development and energy storage problems. John’s 25 years of experience with Hydrodynamics included oversight research on the Yucca Mountain High Level Nuclear Waste Repository for Inyo County, California; and on energy storage in deep geological structures for numerous projects around the world.

John received his undergraduate education at Princeton University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Illinois. John was an accomplished geoscientist who was at the forefront of many important developments in hydrogeology during a distinguished career with the U.S. Geological Survey.  He also taught and mentored students as a visiting professor at the University of Illinois, and at Stanford University,  the University of California at Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University.

Dr. John Bredehoeft, N.A.E.


John was a mentor, supporter, and friend responsible for the careers of numerous leading groundwater scientists.  He wrote extensively and received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to hydrogeology, including the storage of nuclear waste and the development of groundwater resources.  John was a member of the National Academy Engineers and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.  He received the California Groundwater Resources Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 and the Legendary Geoscientist Award from the American Geosciences Institute in 2013 "for his lifetime of contributions to the scientific, engineering, and water management aspects of hydrogeology that are unique and groundbreaking.”  Other professional recognitions included the Penrose Medal, Horton Award, M.K. Hubbert Award, O.E. Meinzer Award, and the USGS’s Hydrogeology Division’s Distinguished Service Award.

John was a multifaceted individual with passionate pursuits who loved exploring the world.  He was an avid sportsman, skier, fly fisher, and golfer.  One of John’s other passions was good wine which led to owning a vineyard and making wine.  He was also a generous friend and colleague who touched the lives of many.